Current ukulele stock including KoAloha

This is a sample of the current ukulele’s you can buy from Music City Cairns. Our top selling ukuleles are the Kamaka, Kaniele’a and KoAloha ukuleles. Give us a call if you are after a certain ukulele, we more than likely have it.


22 thoughts on “Current ukulele stock including KoAloha

    • We have ukuleles for all levels from very cheap to high end custom ukuleles, with and without pickups. We even have ukulele amplifiers!

  1. Hey I’m looking for a beginner ukulele. It should be good, but still affordable for me 🙂 🙂 do you have anything to recommend and in stock ? 🙂

    • Hello Hendrick,

      We have over 1000 ukes in stock. our prices range from around $25 to $7000, and all prices in between. It is a little hard for me to work out what you think is affordable, so I would suggest you pick a price point and we can recommend several choices.

      Our staff are professional uke players, who perform all around the world, and will give you a good idea on the quality and tone.

      Regards Ric.

    • Hello Alan, We have a Kanilea tenor in matt for $1299, and a gloss with pick up for $1699, more Kanileas arriving, We hope, in early October.

      If you are able to physically visit our store, you will be able to play and compare, the tenors built by, KoAloha, Kamaka, Kanilea, and Maton. You will be very, very, surprised. We keep all the readily available Chinese made brands as well.

      Regards Ric.

  2. Thank you Ric, I appreciate you replying. The prices look fair. When the share market recovers I will feel more comfortable with it. Do you have an agent in Sydney you can send one to? Alan.

    • Hello Alan, unfortunatel we have not found any body in a shop in Sydney,
      who can play a uke with any conviction or respect. We send ukes all around the country to buyers on a daily basis. All our staff play, and range from very good players to what many people think equal worlds best. After comparing all the ukes available both here and overseas. they all play only one make.

  3. Please be aware that we sell and stock all the major Hawaiian brands. We are happy to reveal our infatuation , but we need to talk to you via phone, preferably land line. What is your number?
    Regards Ric.

    • I would rather not do that as it might appear on your web site for anyone to see.
      As you would understand, I wouldn’t spend a substantial amount on an instrument I haven’t seen or heard. I would want to know that it is much better than what I have now. I will send you an email, which should be more private.
      Regards, Alan

    • Hello John, We always keep Baritones in stock for those who don’t want to learn with the normal uke tuning, although we do carry baritone strings now, that do allow you to use uke tuning if you so choose. Our prices on Baritones start at around $120.

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