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Welcome to Music City’s web site. This is just a snapshot of stock we have available. If you are after anything in particular, send us an e-mail or give us a call (07 40516826). We are happy to talk deals! You will find our prices very competitive; we surf the net like you! Our eBay store features various products, from ukes to guitar parts to collectible guitars. For ukuleles, head over to uke.com.au. for the We love to hear from you and your feedback is always appreciated and make sure to LIKE us on Facebook

From its establishment in 1974, Music City’s aim has been to provide the far north with quality instruments and service.

Tired of the same ol’ brands, same ol’ sounds, same ol’ look? Check Music City’s exciting 21st century collection! Based on our experience and feedback from our own dedicated repair department, we carefully hand pick all the instruments in our store to ensure you will receive the best quality instrument and value for money, no matter what price!

We are Cairns’ official dealer for Gibson, Epiphone, Fender, Music Man basses, Blade, Duesenberg, Maton, C.F. Martin, Admira, Takamine, Hiwatt Amps, Kustom valve amps and many more quality brands. Our array of vintage guitars one could almost die for.

Music City also specialises in high quality ukuleles, such as Kiwaya, Koaloha, Kanile’a, Pono, Ohana, Kala and Koyama ukes, and related accessories, such as uke gig bags and quality strings, such as the Hilo strings made in Hawaii, Italian Aquila strings and Japanese Worth strings.

Music City has an eBay store where you can purchase various products, including ukuleles, guitars and accessories.

If you are looking for any specific parts for your guitar, do not hesitate to get in touch with us, as we pride ourselves in having the largest range of spare parts for all sorts of guitars and amplifiers, probably in Queensland. We also have the onlyl dedicated guitar repair workshop in Cairns.

If you are after guitar, ukulele or drums lessons, don’t be shy and give us a call on 07 40516826 any afternoon.

Our experienced and music-loving staff members are more than willing to assist you in achieving the sound you are looking for, and fixing or improving the performance of any of your instruments!

If you want to trade or sell your much loved axe, we’ll do you the best deal around.

Looking for an interesting vintage guitar? Second hand deals to die for? Make sure you stop by regularly.

So, pop in, have a play, try something new, or just relax in our lounge and read up on the latest gear.

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