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Music City Cairns stock a wide variety of guitars and are the official dealer for Gibson, Epiphone, Fender, Music Man basses, Blade, Duesenberg, Maton, C.F. Martin, Admira, Takamine, Hiwatt Amps, Kustom valve amps and many more quality brands.

Our array of vintage guitars one could almost die for and we welcome you to come into the store and test them out for yourself or speak with one of our friendly team members.

If you are looking for any specific parts for your guitar, Music City Cairns have the largest range of spare parts for all sorts of guitars and amplifiers, throughout Queensland. We also have the only dedicated guitar repair workshop in Cairns.

Guitars available in store or online just to name a few are as follows:
Acoustic Guitars

Current acoustic guitar stock including Maton, Gibson & Taylor available in-store or online, below is just a snapshot of the dozens of guitars we have available on hand.

Taylor | Dobro 1936 | Fence Sunburst Dobro Resonator | Epiphone J200 | Mini Maton Mahognay | Maton RS60 | Maton RS70 | Taylor Black Janet Davis | Maton & Mini Maton | Maton Performer | Maton 808 | Maton Messiah | Mini Maton Diesel | Hofner | Lag | Valencia 1/2 Size | Lefty Parlour Mahogany | Admiro KFS Flamenco | Admira Alba | Admira Juanita EC | Kotah | Orpheus Valley Fiesta FC | Admira Flamenco | Admira Irene | Admira Rosario | Area AC75CB | Valencia Pink 1/2 and 3/4 Size | Blueridge BG-140 | Eastman AC120 | Epiphone Hummingbird Pro FC | Fender Elvis Kingman | K Yairi DY62C | Fender Vince Ray Aliens | Gibson American Eagle | Luna Wolf

Electric Guitars

If you’re in Cairns, come into Music City located 55 Sheridan Street and test your new electric guitar from an array we have available in-store or online.

Ring or email us if you’re after more details, pictures and prices! Can’t find what you’re looking for? Shop Online now and review our entire range of Electric Guitars, Collectables or Acoustic.

Here is a plethora of Electric Guitars we have available at Music City!

Epiphone Gary Clark JR with Bigsby | Gibson Las Vegas | Gibson Es Les Paul Ebony Hollowbody | Squire All Gold Tele 2015 | Silvertone Single Cutaway | Silvertone Double Cutaway | Gretsch Hollowbody | Gibson ES Les Paul Hollow Body | Semi Hollow Tele W Hummbuckers | Fender Strat Hummbuckers | Fender Strat Hummbuckers | 2015 Gibson Les Paul | 2015 Gibson SG | JB Melody Maker 2011 | Danelectro Sitar | Flying V B.C. Rich | Flying V Dean | Fender Squire Hank Marvin | Fender L Series Stratocaster | Fender Squire Gold Stratocaster | Fender White Stratocaster Hendrix Style | Fender 60th Anniversary Stratocaster | Fender Tex Mex Telecaster | Fender Telecaster Thin Line | Fender L Series Telecaster | Gibson Les Paul Classic Black | Gibson Les Paul Classic Sunburst | Epiphone SG

Collectable Guitars

Music City, Cairns has a wide variety of Collectable Guitars, no two days are the same, so be sure to always keep up to date with the latest stock we get in or that our customers share with us if they’re selling a collectable guitar.

Here are just a few we have available in-store and online now:

2014 Les Paul Melody Maker

Each Les Paul Melody Maker comes with a Truss Rod Wrench, adjustment literature, and documentation for the guitar’s Limited Lifetime Warranty, along with Gibson’s 24/7/365 Customer Service.


Cairns Music City also have a wide variety of Bass, here are just a few we currently have available, more coming in by the day! Come down to Music City and have a play or chat to our team if you’re in need of spare parts or if you’re looking for a new gift, we also have gift vouchers available.

Dean Single Humbucker | Squire Jaguar | Hofner Beatle Bass | Squire Precision Bass | Danelectro The Who Style | Fender 6-String Bass | Fender Precision Bass | Squire Precision Bass Classic Vibe | Fender American Standard Jazz | Squire Jazz 5 String | Aria Acoustic Bass | Warrick Acoustic Bass | Kala U-Bass Mahogany | Kala U Bass Spruce | Kala Rumble Bass


Plenty of Banjo’s in stock and available to view in-store and online.

To buy any of the Music City Guitars, visit our online store and order online, anywhere in Australia.


We stock all of the leading brands including...
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